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Milestone Beer Kits Peterborough

Milestone beer kits Peterborough

Home brewing – the practice of making your own alcoholic drinks for your own consumption – is a hobby which has seen a boom in popularity in recent years. Some Peterborough home brewers like to start from scratch, manufacturing their own equipment and choosing their ingredients from wholesalers. A much easier way to get started in making your own beer is to use one of the readily available kits such as those with the Milestone brand. These packages come with all your basics, such as equipment and ingredients, and comprehensive instructions aimed at the complete novice. It’s never been easier to create a brand new beverage in your own home!

There are many different reasons why people choose to make their own drinks. For some, it’s a fascination with the chemistry, or the satisfaction resulting from the creative process. More often, Peterborough householders use Milestone beer kits to create drinks to share with their friends on hot sunny afternoons, or to enjoy in front of the television after a hard day at work. But beware! Once the bug bites, it’s easy to get carried away. Some enthusiasts dedicate every corner and cupboard of their homes to the process of brewing. Others enter competitions and enjoy the social side of the hobby. Could you become a local champion?

The appeal of the Milestone range is the variety of drinks which can be made using the same simple procedure:

Lion’s Pride is described as “a copper coloured, well balanced session ale.”

Olde Home Wrecker is a full bodied winter ale, described as being “full of flavour.”

Dasher the Flasher is a deep red malty ale.

Black Pearl is an Irish stout.

Once you’ve used one of these kits and are familiar with the process, you will find it easy to tackle the others. Or if you’re feeling ambitious, you could have several kits on the go at once!

With so many different types of beer available it can be difficult to know where to start. Ask yourself, “When I go to my Peterborough local on a sunny afternoon, which beer do I find most refreshing?” Then, choose the Milestone kit which best fits your preference. With the detailed instructions included in the kit it’s almost impossible to get it wrong! Before you know it, you’ll be riding the crest of a frothy golden wave at the forefront of the Peterborough home brewing community.

Burghley Homebrew of Calamity Gulch are leading suppliers of home brewing equipment and ingredients in the Peterborough area. With a full range of Milestone beer kits and many other similar products, we can supply all you need to begin your home brewing adventure. We can’t guarantee your family will approve of your new hobby, or what might happen if you get drawn into a group of like-minded enthusiasts. But what you can be sure of is that you will emerge with a delicious and unique beverage you can enjoy on your own and will be proud to share with your friends.