Make My Own Beer

Make My Own Beer

A cold, crisp and refreshing glass of beer can be many different things for many different occasions. It can be a way to wind down at the wind of the working week while you enjoy relaxed chat with your friends or colleagues. It can be your companion in a quiet moment of contemplation. It can accompany your evening meal and open up new avenues of taste and texture. But, you may be wondering, can I get that same refreshing and complex taste that I get at my favourite pub from the comfort of my own home? Can I make my own beer week in, week out?

You bet you can! When you master the secrets of home brewing, making your own delicious beers from home is not only easy and enjoyable, it can save you a pretty penny too. Read on and we’ll explain not only why home brewing is a fun and enjoyable option for discerning beer drinkers, but why Burghley Homebrew is the only choice for all of your home brewing needs.

Why home brew?

It’s a perfectly understandable question, and one we certainly don’t mind you asking. With so many ready made beers on the market, where’s the sense in brewing your own? For starters, being in control of the ingredients used and the complex fermentation process allows you to create a beer with its own distinctive taste. As you learn to experiment with different strengths and flavours you’ll create a wide range of different and unique beers.

It’s also very cost effective, in these austerity stricken times where the cost of good beer seems to rise with every passing year. Compared to many other hobbies, the equipment you need comes at a very low entry cost, and once you’ve got it, it will last you a very long time without the need for additions or upgrades.

But let’s not forget that learning to home brew and savouring the results is a whole lot of fun, too!

Why choose Burghley Homebrew?

Hopefully by now you’re sold on home brewing cider. But why should you choose one of our cider homebrew kits? Well, for starters...

Over 30 years of experience

We love our beer. And with decades of experience in the field, we know everything there is to know about homebrewing! What’s more, we have the expertise to help you to choose the “make my own beer” kit to suit your home brewing experience and personal tastes. If you need help navigating our huge selection, just give us a call on 01733 810259 and one of our friendly and knowledgeable members of staff will be only too happy to help.

Incredible range of products

We’re quite certain that our world class range of homebrew kits will delight beer drinkers of all kinds. From crisp and refreshing lagers to robust real ales, we’ve got the kits to give you the taste you want at a price you’ll love! It doesn’t stop at beer either. Our huge range of kits will also help you to brew any of the following like a pro;


The best prices

We believe that great beer should be available to everyone, whatever their household budget. That’s why we strive to maintain some of the best prices on the market and keep our postal charges upfront, sensible and free of hidden costs.

Whatever your homebrew needs, get in touch with us to see how we can help you on the way to cask after cask of liquid refreshment. Cheers!