Home Made Spirits

Home Made Spirits

Perhaps you own a bar and you want to add a new and unique product to your range of drinks. Maybe you’re looking to start a new business specialising in the creation of a new spirit, something you can market to consumers and sell in stores.


Whatever your specific business circumstance, this is a quick but essential guide to creating your own brand of spirit.


Creating an amazing spirit


A lot of people may assume that home made spirits can never be quite as great as the big names that are made in big distilleries and the like. But a lot of the world’s most beloved drinks began as home made spirits, liqueurs, and beers, so this isn’t a great argument! The fact is that making an incredible home made spirit that really stands out from the pack is possible if you have the right creativity, patience, and equipment.




Of course, you’re likely to be slightly biased when it comes to your own home made spirit. Things you made yourself always tend to taste better. So you need to ensure you’re getting taste tests from both friends as well as strangers. If you know anyone who can be brutally honest and is really particular about their spirits, they’re the best kind of person to sample your home made spirit, as daunting as it may sound!


What financing do you need?


If you’re looking to sell home made spirits in an establishment you own, then the financing might not be that tricky an issue, as long as it covers licensing and manufacturing. But large-scale spirit creation and sale may require capital in the low-five figures. Handling legal matters and marketing may take up the bulk of those costs.




This depends largely on where and how you plan to sell your home made spirits. In England, you’ll probably have to form a company, registering it as such with the government. You may want to hire a business consultant to assist you. Licensing for the sale of home made spirits in your own bar should be taken up with local bar regulatory boards.


Sale and marketing


So how exactly do you get customers interested in your home made spirits? A lot of people tend to be quite loyal to the companies that they buy from; less because of any ethical standpoint and more because they simply trust that company to deliver them a great spirit in every bottle! This is why marketing, as well as the sheer quality of your home made spirits, is so important. Marketing can be extremely effective in the spirits industry, more so than in many other kinds of industries.


Ultimately, it’s the quality of your home made spirits that will really set it apart from the established brands and ensure customer loyalty. A lot of customers out there only buy another brand of booze because their regular drink isn’t available at a given time, or because the other brand happened to be on sale at an irresistible price. These customers tend to return to their usual brand eventually. But you can turn them loyal if your home made spirit is really impressive.