Home Made Liqueurs

Home Made Liqueurs

A lot of people seem convinced that home made liqueurs can’t be all that simple to make. On the contrary: getting the right ingredients and equipment can ensure that you’ll be able to make delicious home made liqueurs in no time.


The difference between liquor and liqueur


It’s very easy to confuse these two terms, and people actually often use them interchangeably, assuming that they mean the same thing. But it’s important to understand that we’re not talking about home made liquor here. Liquor is a spirit, made of fermented grains or other plants, with distillation taking place after fermentation which separates the water from the alcohol. Such spirits include vodka, tequila, rum, and gin.


Liqueur is comparable to cordial; in fact, these two terms are often used interchangeably! Liqueurs are sweetened spirits, with oils, flavours, and various extracts mixed with a ‘base liquor’, or spirit, to form a new drink. There are loads of different liqueurs out there - one of the most famous and beloved is coffee liqueur, a key ingredient to the White Russian cocktail which saw a revival in the late nineties thanks to The Big Lebowski!


Making your own: start simple


Thankfully, home made liqueurs are relatively simple and can be absolutely delicious. There are loads of home made liqueurs you can attempt, and Burghley Homebrew can help you achieve this with various equipment and ingredients.


It may be best to start with something very simple. A fruit gin is one of the easiest home made liqueurs to make, and is a perfect example of the key difference between liquor and liqueur. Let’s take sloe gin, for example. Sloe gin is a beloved ‘red liqueur’ made from the base spirit - gin, of course - and sloes, a small, plumlike fruit. You half-fill a bottle with sloes, then fill that bottle up with good-quality gin and a bit of sugar. Then you simply let it sit, rotating the bottle every few weeks. And yes, the keyword there is weeks - the best sloe gin is allowed to brew for months!


You can go out and pick your own sloes if you wish - but you can easily get all the ingredients you need for this delicious home made liqueur right here at Burghley Homebrew. Other ingredients available for delicious gin-based home made liqueurs include elderflowers and orange blossoms.


Perfect for the holidays


Home made liqueurs are incredible additions to any holiday meals, especially Christmas meals. You may think that it’s a bit too early to start thinking about this sort of thing. In fact, it’s best if you get started as soon as possible! There are loads of delicious liqueurs out there that take months to brew to perfection. Sloe gin is just one example!


So getting started with home made liqueurs now can ensure that you have perfect liqueurs ready for the holidays. While it is possible to make prepare a batch of sloe gin and drink it after two or three weeks with great results, you’re definitely missing out on the full potential and potency. So perhaps you should start thinking not just about liqueurs for Christmas, but also the likes of New Year’s Eve and even next year’s Easter!