Home Made Liqueur

Home Made Liqueur Kits Peterborough

Home Made Liqueur Kits Peterborough

The word liqueur denotes an idea of luxury, indulgence, and decadence. The choices available with liqueur are as varied as the many flavours available in the known world. If you have a flavour, you can create a liqueur. The way to serve a liqueur is also varied. It can make up part of a drink or even a dessert dish. It can be put in coffee or mixed with a cocktail, or even poured on cake. You can enjoy it in its purest form, as a single shot or glass. If you purchased a selection of home made liqueur kits, capable of crafting a good supply of types and flavours, there is no doubt you can find plenty of opportunity to use them to there best advantage.

And why not enjoy the indulgence that comes with variety, by trying your hand at creating a home made liqueur of your personal taste and choice. There is a shop in Peterborough, that can cater to your creative side, by supplying you with a huge selection of home made liqueur kits, that can be delivered straight to your door.

Our kits, in Peterborough, includes some of your traditional styles of liqueur. For example, you can create home made gin, whisky, and brandy. But of course, each of these different types of spirits have a selection choice all of their own. Gin, in particular has become very popular in recent years and people search high and low, for gin liqueurs that use a selection of botanicals, herbs, and flavourings, including ingredients that you may not of even considered.

Brandy, comes in popular flavours such as apricot and cherry, used extensively mixed with desserts and fruit puddings, but can also be found in flavours such as apple and peach. Whisky is a little less versatile when it comes to flavours, but with our home made liqueur kits, you can create an excellent selection of whiskies to choose from.

A choice of rum is also available as kits to produce in your home. There is coconut rum, spiced rum , dark rum and then your white spirit rum.

Vodka can come in a huge selection of flavours and styles. It is even available in our home made kits selections, as a mandarin flavoured vodka.

Other spirit based liqueurs such as liquorice Sambuca, melon vodka, and chocolate liqueurs, are also available at Burghley Homebrew, Peterborough, in store and also available on our website. Just have a browse and see what other home kits are available to you. These home made kits help you to explore the many choices available in the world of liqueurs. For more information please go to our website at www.burghley-homebrew.com and find out how you can use our home made liqueur kits to create you own special selection of tipples. We are confident that once you begin making, and you and your friends start tasting, it will be a hobby you just can’t stop trying your hand at.