Home Brew Kits

home brew kits

Some people may baulk at the idea of brewing your own beer with home brew kits. Why bother investing time and money into such a practice? Isn’t it much safer and smarter to simply buy great beer at the local pub with your friends?


Well, investing in home brew kits and making your own beer can actually can with a range of benefits, and it’s not something you should dismiss so readily.


Perhaps the first thing you might be wondering about is the potential to save money. After all, you save money by cooking your own meals at home instead of buying ready meals in bulk or going to restaurants all the time. Does the same apply to home brewing? Well, not immediately. The initial expense of home brew kits needs to be taken into account. It may take quite a few batches to cover the costs of the equipment and start your long-term savings. It can certainly save people who like to serve beer to their friends and family quite often a lot of money quite quickly, but many others won’t see the monetary benefit right away.


This is why it’s important to have a passion for brewing, which leads us to the first really solid benefit of use a home brew kit: it’s fun.


Brewing your own beer generally involves several ingredients and a cauldron of bubbling water, which is likely to make you feel like some kind of outlaw wizard. You get to learn a lot about your favourite drinks, and engage in a creative process with a great tangible reward at the end. Brewing your own beer with home brew kits takes time, but it really can be a great way to spend an afternoon.


Taking a sip of the first beer you’ve made will also instil a sense of pride. And yes, this is true even if your first beer doesn’t blow your mind with its taste. Making improvements is a fairly simple process, and being able to develop a beer to your own taste will only help boost your self-esteem. You should also remember that there are few things out there that taste better than a product you’ve made yourself; your first beer may taste even better to you than a delicious Rochefort 10. (Which will be pretty handy, considering how expensive Rochefort 10 is.)


Another great reason to start brewing your own beer - and, perhaps, the best reason of all - is that you’ll really impress your friends, and even make new ones. Inviting your friends round for drinks and providing them with your own personal brew is definitely something more people should experience. Bringing a pack round to a party and introducing yourself to new people by way of your brew will see you being the talk of the party in no time. (As long as your brew is good, of course!)


You can also meet fellow home brew kit enthusiasts by going to home brew festivals and engaging with home brew communities online. Home brewing is an exciting and tasty world - give it a try!