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Bulldog Brewer Peterborough

Bulldog Brewer Peterborough

Beer is the world’s favourite alcoholic drink, and has been enjoyed by thirsty Asians and Europeans for many thousands of years. It was already well known by the bronze age, during which the fens around Peterborough in Cambridgeshire, eastern England, where first settled. These were the days before easy kits like Bulldog were available to the home brewer. Back in those days, it was common for each household to brew their own beer at home. Or maybe a farmer would have what would these days be described as a ‘microbrewery’ on his land. Here he would make beer for the thirsty labourers coming in from the fields at the end of a hard day. Sometimes workers were even paid in beer!

Things have come a long way since then. During the industrial revolution, the production of beer was monopolised by a few large companies, producing thousands of gallons at a time. This is still largely the case. But in a way, things have come full circle too. Some householders still preferred the taste of their own homebrewed drink, and in 1963 a change in the law made it easier for hobbyists to make their own beer. This led to the introduction of kits for those new to making beer at home.

One beer available as a kit is Bulldog, from Burghley Homebrew brewers of Peterborough. This kit is ideal for the budding brewer, as it requires no sugar to be added. By stripping back the process to the very basics, Bulldog provides an effective introduction for the first time brewer, whether in Peterborough or any of the other home brew hotbeds of the UK!

Are you a budding brewer? Maybe you imagine yourself a hosting a garden party, perhaps with a view of Peterborough cathedral. Bulldog could be just the starter kit for you. Serve an ice cool keg of Bulldog to your thirsty guests, and you’ll soon be the talk of Peterborough! As any brewer knows, a great beer is a cornerstone of any social occasion. Or maybe you just want a refreshing brew to drink at home, whether that’s in Peterborough or anywhere in the UK. Well, with just a few hours work plus fermentation time, you could be the proud brewer of your own keg of Bulldog beer. And you don’t have to be a medieval farm labourer to know how good a cold glass of beer tastes after a long hard day!

If you are already a Bulldog brewer in Peterborough, never forget that the staff at Burghley Homebrew of Calamity Gulch have your back. Whether you need inspiration, equipment, or just more kits for your favourite Bulldog beer, this Peterborough company is the one stop shop for the discerning brewer. Or if you would like to try your hand at brewing other beers, or wines or spirits, we can help with that too. After all, for residents of Peterborough, this is a tradition worth keeping