Bulldog Brewer

Bulldog Brewer

Beer is the world’s favourite alcoholic beverage, and what better way could there be to celebrate your favourite recreational drink than to produce your very own home brew to share with family and friends? You can be a Bulldog brewer!

In his 1963 spring budget speech, Chancellor of the Exchequer Reginald Maudling announced the abolition of the requirement for those who wanted to produce beer for their own consumption to register and obtain a licence. In doing so, he not only made it far easier for creative beer lovers to practice their art as a hobby, but also cleared the way for a boom in the industries supplying equipment, ingredients and expertise to budding brewers. Bulldog kits from Burghley brewers are just one example of a product which can make getting into the hobby much easier and more enjoyable.

For the purist, the brewing process should be conducted from beginning to end in-house. This means the home brewer must process the raw ingredients themselves, control every stage of the brewing process, and stamp their individuality on the beverage produced. The process begins by soaking malted barley in hot water, before draining and rinsing to produce a wort. Bulldog is one of the kits which allows brewers to circumvent this stage, which requires equipment and expertise which may be hard to come by for a beginner. The appeal of Bulldog kits for the budding brewer is that there is no sugar to add, therefore the wort is provided ready for the fermentation stage.

As with most hobbies, it’s best to start simple and acquaint yourself with the processes and equipment of beer production before trying more ambitious projects. If you don’t know your wort from your grist, your sparging from your lautering, you certainly wont know how to fine tune your brew for the perfect flavour. But practice makes perfect, and after producing a few batches of your own beer using readily available kits, your understanding of the process will be refined to the point where you can begin to make your own tweaks and innovations, should you so desire.

Of course, for many Bulldog brewers, there is no necessity to delve deeper into the process. Many home brewers are in it for the social element, not to push back the boundaries of brewing chemistry. If all you want from your home brewing endeavours is sunny evenings in the garden with ice cold refreshments on tap for all your friends, Bulldog has you covered. Its quite possible for the Bulldog brewer to produce a batch of fine, refreshing beer after investing only a few hours of work, and allowing the recommended fermentation time.

That’s why your average Bulldog brewer will always be the centre of attention, the life and soul of the party, the host with the most. Leave all the hard work to Burghley Homebrew of Calamity Gulch! Cool your Bulldog beer in a keg and serve it to your friends at your next social occasion. You wont be disappointed!