Bulldog Beer Kits Pete

Bulldog Beer Kits Peterborough

Bulldog beer kits Peterborough

Bulldog beer kits supplied by Burghley Homebrew of Peterborough offer one of the most comprehensive ranges of home brew beer kits available. Would you like to offer your guests a choice of strawberry pale ale, chocolate stout, India pale ale, Yorkshire bitter, Mexican cerveza, or a strong refreshing lager? The Bulldog range includes all these beverages, and all are made using the same easy process. Peterborough garden parties can be given a new lease of life by these home brewed drinks. Along with the sausages, burgers, buns and crisps, no barbecue is complete without a refreshingly cold beer. So why not make it a keg of your home brew? Your neighbours are sure to be talking about it for weeks to come. You might even start a new trend in your neighbourhood, as more and more of your neighbours are bitten by the bug. Or if you’re feeling really ambitious, have each of your friends produce a different drink, so that when the day for the party arrived you could have a line up to rival any pub.

Many Peterborough drinkers are oblivious to the complexities of the brewing process until they try one of our kits. With full instructions included, these packs can shed light on what has become a lost art and you end up with your own supply of delicious Bulldog beer. Traditionally, the brewing process would take an extended period of time to produce the drink from the most basic ingredients. The first process is the malting of the grain, which involves soaking, air drying and heating it. Next, the grain is milled or crushed to produce a mash. Mashing turns the newly released starches into fermentable sugars. The mixture is then re-heated and watered down, and new flavouring ingredients are added. The conditioning of the beverage alone can take several months.

When you choose to brew your beer using Bulldog home brew kits, many of these stages have already been performed, taking a lot of the laborious hard work out of the process. The goal of such packages is to preserve the creative element of the procedure intact, but reduce the time, energy and resources which must be invested by the Peterborough hobbyist. Few of us have room for a fully functioning micro brewery in our garden shed, so using a kit along with readily available, re-useable equipment from Burghley Homebrew is the logical choice. Rather than facing huge energy bills for the heating and processing of the recipe, you need only perform the vital creative stages of the exercise. The time taken to produce a finished product can be significantly reduced too.

When preparing for your back garden barbecue, planning ahead is vital. Make sure there are plenty of steaks, burgers, sausages, drumsticks, corn cobs, rolls and buns to go round. Have plenty of pop and fruit juice on hand for the kids. Most importantly, make sure everyone gets to try your home brew, and remember to recommend Bulldog kits to your Peterborough neighbours!