Brewing Barrels

Brewing Barrels

Throwing a party is often a trigger of great anxiety for the upcoming host! There are several reasons for this, including the fear that the house may get destroyed if the party gets too wild. But, for the most part, people tend to worry that their party won’t be great or memorable enough.


One way to really make your get-together stand out is by serving alcohol that you’ve made yourself!


Is making your own booze even legal?


In the UK? Absolutely. In the United States, it’s legal in pretty much every state except Alabama. Of course, we don’t really have time to go through the legality of home brewing in several places across the world in this article. Make sure you check the laws where you live before investing loads of money in the right ingredients and equipment!


But isn’t it pretty complex?


It doesn’t have to be that complex at all. Of course, it depends largely on what sort of alcohol you’re going to be making. We’re going to focussing largely on beer for this article, but their are home brews that are even simpler than beers. Making your own spirits is sometimes said to be easier than making your own beer. If you want to focus on home made liqueurs, then this is even simpler - mostly because you can just buy the base spirits and then build on those using ingredients available at Burghley Homebrew!


Making sure there’s enough


Before you start making beer and serving it to others, it’s best to practice making it first. Perfect your recipe. Perfect the taste. Once you’re confident this is a beer fit for serving to the people, you need to ensure you’ve got big enough brewing barrels to create the amount of beer you need. There are loads of different sizes, but it’s doubtful you’ll need to invest in something that’s industrial sized for a house party!


Bottling it up


Brewing your own beer, decanting it into several bottles (either plastic or glass, although we all know that glass is superior), then presenting those on ice can be a great way of sharing your home brew at a party. But you could take it a step further and get your own labeling! Getting your own custom labels on bottles of beer that you personally brewed? There are few more effective ego boosts… I mean, self-esteem boosts in life than that. See if you can come up with a catchy name, or even a cool logo - even if you are just serving it to your friends.


Barrel dispensers (beer kegs)


A lot of brewing barrels come with taps that allow your guests to simply take the portion of beer they want when desired, essentially acting like beer kegs. But if you want to ensure these are served cold, it may be best to decant the beer from the barrel to a specific keg which can be safely chilled. Attempts to chill your brewing barrels may end in disaster if you’re not careful, and it’s not exactly the sort of equipment you want to risk when you consider the costs! Kegs are much more inexpensive.