Beer Making Kits

Beer Making Kits

If you’re interested in beer making kits, then you may be interested in actually designing your own unique beer recipes. But developing your own recipe is a little bit more complex than simply following the instructions that come with many beer making kits.


Make sure you know the basics


Before you start designing your own beer recipe, you need to get properly acquainted with the use of beer making kits and following recipes that already exist. In this sense, you’ll probably notice that it’s much the same with many other recipes in the field of home cooking. Sure, you could probably create your own unique cake recipe without ever having made a cake before. But the chances are pretty high that you’ll end up making a lot of mistakes.


It’s best to get to grips with the art of making basic beers with simple beer making kits before you get really ambitious and try designing your own recipes. Don’t get ahead of yourself!


Understanding your palate


The key to finding anything that suits your tastes is to understand your own palate. When people get beer making kits and decide to brew their own beers, the way they discover the perfect beer for them is by coming up with a recipe that is perfect for their palate.


This is why it’s good to have a lot of taste references when it comes to beer. Which, yes, does mean that it may be a good idea to - responsibly - sample a wide variety of existing beers. What’s your favourite beer at the moment? Get to know as much about it as possible. What type of beer is it specifically? Where and how is it made? Are you sure you can’t find a similar one that’s better?


Once you’ve got a better idea of exactly what it is you like about a certain beer, you’ll get to know your palate more. Another thing you should do is sample tiny amounts of the ingredients you use to make beer. This gets you attuned to the specific tastes that are going to commingle in your home brew.




Simple beer making kits come with basic ingredients and instructions that almost make it difficult to not end up with a beer that tastes great. But more complex beer making kits may present you with a variety of options. You can also access several options by investing in several beer making kits, or checking out ingredients one by one at Burghley Homebrew.


When you have several options, you may not always know what mixtures are going to taste the best. While there is a certain science to the mixing of certain ingredients, it’s largely a matter of your own personal taste that determines what mixtures are going to be best. But you need to be willing to experiment in order to find the perfect flavour for you.


Investigate a wide range of beer making kits, and make sure you look into several types of grains in your quest to design the perfect beer. There are so many different grains out there - chocolate malt, wheat malt, biscuit malt, flaked malt… how will you know what you prefer with a little experimentation?